beverages ...

Coffee Flavor Shots - Godiva chocolate, white chocolate or caramel

Sparkling Peach Cooler (non-alcoholic) - peach juice, cranberry, soda and lime

Coffee By Design - hot or iced coffee 

Hot or Cold Chai Tea

Premium Juice - orange or grapefruit

Juice - cranberry, tomato, apple or pineapple

Hot Cocoa

Hot Tea

Espresso  Capuccino  Latte

Milk - regular, chocolate 

Almond or Soy Milk


Maine Root  Blueberry soda or Root Beer

Iced Tea - black or citrus green

Rocket Fuel (non alcoholic)   a uniquely bold & sweet coffee beverage from The Gorham Grind  Coffeehouse


bar ...

Signature Bloody Mary - 7   a classic recipe that is spicy and made from scratch

Bellini - 9   the Italian Mimosa combines Champagne, peach juice and lime

Mimosa - 8   a Bintliff's favorite with Brut Champagne, triple sec and premium OJ

Absolution - 9   start with our famous Mimosa then add Absolute Raspberry and a splash of grenadine syrup

Honeymoon - 9   Maine Meadworks wildflower honey mead and Brut Champagne or add a splash of OJ for a Meadmosa

Bayside Iced or Hot Java - 7   Bintliff's Blend iced or hot coffee, Grand Marnier, Ghiradelli white chocolate & a dash of cinnamon, topped with whipped cream

Toasted Monk - 7   Hot coffee laced with Frangelico & brandy, topped with a dash of chocolate and whipped cream

Irish Coffee - 7   Hot coffee, Jameson's Irish Whiskey & Carolyn's Irish Cream, finished with whipped cream & cinnamon


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